Upcoming Fundraising BBQs
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It's almost BBQ season! BMAS will be hosting our iconic fundraising BBQs at the Foodland in Thornbury (Highway 26) throughout the Spring & Summer Months. Held on the Saturday of each long weekend. 

2019 Dates:
May 18th, June 29th, August 3rd, and August 31st, from 11 am - 2 pm. 

We will be grillin' hamburgers, veggie burgers, and hotdogs! Drinks will  be available, along with a variety of sauces and toppings. Enjoy a great lunch with us in support of our loving animal shelter. You can find the link to our Facebook Events below! Please RSVP and share the event with your friends!

P a s t   E v e n t s

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Cuban Flare Charity Dinner

Join us on Saturday Oct 14th for a fabulous Cuban Flare Dinner in support of our kitties!

Tickets are selling out fast! 

To reserve yours, please contact:


Foodland BBQ Fundraisers!
Every summer, our fundraising BBQs to support BMAS kitties are made possible by the Thornbury Foodland, at Highway 26. 
This year our BBQs will be taking place:
- Saturday May 20th, from 11 am to 2 pm.
- Saturday July 8th, from 11 am to 2 pm.
- Saturday August 5th, from 11 am to 2 pm.
- Saturday September 2nd, from 11 am to 2 pm.

We will be grilling burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, and drinks! A selection of condiments will be provided. 

All proceeds from the BBQs go toward caring for the cats of the Blue Mountains Animal Shelter. These events make up a good part of our fundraising campaigns that allow us to remain operational, so come out and chow down to support your local animal shelter!

BMAS - Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting is coming up this month - Wednesday Nov 23rd! We encourage anyone from the area who cares for animals to come out to our meeting! We are looking for new board members, as well as store (The Cat's Meow) and shelter volunteers. Light refreshments will be provided.

Thornbury Foodland BBQ's!
- Saturday May 21st, 2016 from 11am-2pm. For more information visit our Facebook event page.
- Saturday July 2nd, 2016 from 11am-2pm. For more information visit our July 2nd BBQ Facebook Event Page!
-Saturday July 30th, 2016 from 11am-2pm. For more information visit our July 30th BBQ Facebook Event Page!
-Saturday September 3rd, 2016 from 11am-2pm. For More information visit our September 3rd BBQ Facebook event page!
Please like our BMAS Facebook Page and feel free to invite friends and family to our BBQs, the more the merrier! 

ADOPTATHON: Cats + Garage sale + Coffee & Muffins + BBQ!

Join us Saturday June 11th, 2016 at the Blue Mountains Animal Shelter, 131 King Street West, Thornbury, from 8am-2pm for some delicious grilled and baked treats and to find the cat of your dreams! For more information please see our Facebook event page by clicking here.

Our 3-in-1 Adoptathon event was a great success, read all about it here: Thornbury Paper BMAS Article!