The Blue Mountains Animal Shelter (Formerly Clarksburg Cat Shelter) is a small not for profit charity organization dedicated to caring for abandoned and abused felines in the Town of the Blue Mountains, Clarksburg and Meaford areas. We have been operating since 2005, and have grown in volunteers and support every year. Each day a group of dedicated volunteers work in the shelter giving daily meds, brushing and grooming, cleaning the floors and walls, feeding, doing the litters, and loving each and every cat. Behind cat care our secondary goal is fundraising. All proceeds from our fundraising always go directly to our feline friends. Without the generosity of our volunteers and the community our cats would not have the incredible life that they do.

Our cats are not caged, they roam freely in the shelter and during the day they have access to outdoor space.

Quality of Life for our Cats:

1. Ensuring all basic needs are met
We always ensure that all cats have easy and plentiful access to food and water, as well as specialized food in the event of dietary concerns. We make sure that our environment is hazard free and warm enough for all the kitties to feel safe and secure.

2. Immediate veterinary access
In the event of an injury or illness our cats always have access to a veterinarian. This ensures that they will live long and healthy lives.  In addition to this when a rescued cat comes to our shelter it is spayed/neutered, vaccinated and vet-checked.

3. Active cat care committee
This committee is dedicated to ensuring that any and all cat-related concerns are addressed. They are responsible for checking each cat over for any health concerns, keeping track of vaccination records and ordering boosters when necessary, and generally monitoring the condition of all felines.

4. Ensuring the cats receive lots of LOVE!
Of course every cat needs lots of love and attention in order to be truly happy and thrive. Each member of the volunteer team makes sure to do their favourite job as much as possible - pet all the cats!